Dear friends and supporters of the Dresdner Kreuzchor,

The history of the Kreuzchor has been shaped by its choirmasters. Indeed, a memorial to the choirmaster Julius Otto stands before the Kreuzkirche as a much-photographed official allusion to a long-standing tradition. In fact, the path of the choir towards its current significance began in 1876 by Otto's successors Oskar Wermann and Otto Richter. In 1930, when Rudolf Mauersberger was first named as choirmaster, the boys' school choir, which had been predominately devoted to liturgical services, was transformed into a promising ensemble. Alongside its responsibilities in services in the Kreuzkirche, the Kreuzchor also played an important part in Dresden's concerts.

Under Mauersberger's leadership the Kreuzchor continued to develop, and became an internationally renowned cultural institution. Rudolf Mauersberger's name is inseparable from his lifetime achievement. He is indisputably one of the most significant church musicians of the 20th century, recongised even outside the Dresden region. Even so, his compositions – other than his Trauerhymnus 'Wie liegt die Stadt so wüßt' – are only known to a specialist audience.

We have gladly accepted the proposition of publishing a collection of Rudolf Mauersberger's works. This collection aims to make Mauersberger's compositions better known. At the same time, the emphasis is also on the Kreuzchor, which will always be linked with the composer’s name, even if the recordings on the CDs are from many different ensembles.

This edition appears on the occasion of his 125th birthday. It has been financed exclusively through specially earmarked sources and donations. As publisher, the Kreuzchor society has advised and supported throughout the conception and realisation of the CD. It differs from our other archive CDs; as an independent project it was initiated, compiled and, for the most part, the responsibility of society member Gerhard Uhle. We would like to thank him for his thorough research and work as organiser and editor. Without his extensive charitable work and personal contributions, the project would never have got off the ground.

We hope that the CD will be met with a friendly reception and an interested audience.

Many thanks


Christoff Andrich­                                                                                     

President of the Dresdner Kreuzchor society

Dresden, January 2014